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Upstate New York's personal Lifestyle Couple's Photographer. Elopement, Wedding, Event & Portrait sessions available. 

Custom Wedding Photography

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I'm Cass, an Improviser Photographer based in the Adirondack Mountains of Northern New York. Because this is my full-time career I have the time to truly dedicate to my clients. I want to get to know you on a personal level, not just be your photographer. Being photographed can be such an intimate situation, so I like to establish a connection that is based on trust and honesty. I am a  photographer without cheesy trends, capturing the things that truly matter.  REAL LIFE. What you see is what you get; so no over editing or too much posing. I dedicate my work to capturing real emotions in a fun and non-intrusive atmosphere. 


Fairytale Dreams Photography, Wedding Photographer: Cassandra Blair - Freelance Artist - Offering Wedding, Elopement, & Portrait Photography - Bridal Portraits - Bridal Party Photos - She works as a fly on the wall at any events, with quick and candid direction for any formals. Cass Blair resides 
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Improviser Photographers are represented by a Magpie for their intuition, spontaneity, and fun-loving personality traits. They lean toward finding their own path to capture one of a kind moments and thrive when they can discover a new approach that works well. Their instinct often helps them shoot scenes where new ideas naturally flow. Due to the spontaneity of the environment an Improviser works in, they must  be solution-oriented and fast-thinkers in order to capture great shots. The key to capturing amazing photos as an Improviser is by maintaining an easy-going and adaptable approach and which  is always reflected in their profoundly natural photos.




New York  Vermont Photographer


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