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Let's talk about nailing those candid wedding photos from an Adirondack Wedding Photographer

5 Tips on how to look natural on camera

A father hugs his daughter after his "first Look" during her wedding day in Lake Placid, NY - Adirondack Wedding photographer

Candid Wedding photography isn't a one-size-fits-all style, but candid moments are a must at all weddings! From the ceremony to the speeches and dancing, these unscripted moments capture the true essence of the day. My approach? Purely candid, no manipulation—just capturing the wedding as it unfolds naturally, with only a few relaxed portraits. So, let's dive into some tips to master those candid shots!

  1. First up, forget about the pressure. Stressing over the perfect pose can actually make your photos worse. Just embrace the chaos and let your natural charm shine through. And if you need a confidence boost, channel your inner supermodel or imagine yourself as your most admired celebrity—it's all about getting into the right mindset.

  2. Next, study those past photos where you looked your absolute best. What were you wearing? What were you doing? How did you feel? Bring yourself back to those winning moments, and don't forget to laugh! A little laughter goes a long way in creating genuine smiles and capturing candid moments.

  3. Let yourself feel the moment! Your wedding day is filled all these micro-moments that will stay in your memories for a lifetime. Don't be afraid to really feel them, cry when you want to cry, hug when you want to hug. Just make sure to be in the now, your photographer will take care of the rest.

  4. But what about those pesky hands? Do what comes naturally, whether it be placing them behind you, holding them together, or putting them in your pockets. Let yourself naturally move, and never forget to embrace your partner with a hand hold, or quick touch to their back.

  5. Finally, take a deep breath and exhale—all those nervous jitters will disappear, leaving you with effortless, carefree photos. So, relax and let's capture some magic!

Wedding photography is all about capturing those authentic, unscripted moments that define your special day. With a purely candid approach, the focus is on genuine emotions and natural interactions. Forget the pressure and embrace the chaos, channeling your inner confidence to shine through in every shot. Study your past favorite photos to recapture those winning moments and don't forget to laugh—the best candid shots come from genuine smiles and laughter. Feel the moment and let your emotions flow freely, knowing that your photographer will capture the magic as it unfolds. Whether it's holding hands, sharing a hug, or stealing a glance, let your movements be natural and effortless. Take a deep breath, exhale, and relax—your photographer is there to capture the beauty and authenticity of your wedding day.


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