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Wedding Photographer vs Wedding videographer : How to pick?

A bride and groom stand in front of Lyon Mountain for an artistic wedding photo in the Adirondack Mountains of NY

Many couples cherish the memories captured through photos and videos of their wedding day. However, deciding between hiring a wedding videographer or a photographer, or both, can be challenging. We'll explore the unique roles of each to help you determine which option best suits your needs and preferences. What's Included in a Wedding Photography Package?

Many couples grasp the importance of hiring a photographer to document their wedding day, often making the decision soon after getting engaged. While it's easy to be drawn to a photographer's style, what exactly do they offer beyond beautiful images? Standard photography packages commonly include:

  1. Wedding Day Photography Coverage: This typically covers moments from the end of preparations to early reception events like the first dance and cake cutting. For extended coverage from sunrise to send-off, extra hours may be needed.

  2. Full printing rights to your images. Although, you will not often find a photographer who will give you ALL the photos they take on the day of your wedding. At least not for a hefty fee. They will however cull the photos they take down to a seamless flow of images, usually edited, there after you will be able to download them from a website or receive them on a USB.

  3. Archival services. Most photographers will offer at least one year of free archival services for your photos.

Additional Offerings:

  • Engagement Sessions

  • Rehearsal dinner coverage

  • Extended hours of service

  • Custom wedding album or guest book

  • Professional photo prints

  • Travel arrangements

  • Canvases & more

Your wedding photographer can serve as a valuable resource for recommending a videographer. If you appreciate your photographer's style and rapport, chances are you'll also connect well with their recommended videographer. This harmony is crucial if you decide to hire both, as they'll closely collaborate on your wedding day. For inspiration, explore my wedding photo checklist. What’s Included in a Wedding Videography Package Wedding videography packages offer a range of options, so it’s essential to research and inquire to find the best fit for your style and budget. Packages typically include:

6 to 8 Hours of Coverage Your videographer will be there from the early moments to capture every emotion, from the first look to the final toast. You can also request a la carte services like ceremony or reception-only coverage.

Highlight Reel: This short, cinematic trailer is crafted from hours of footage, capturing the magic moments you’ll want to share on social media.

Full-Length Film In addition to the highlight reel, you’ll receive a longer film encompassing all the meaningful moments, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. Confirm how you’ll access the video—whether on DVD, USB drive, or online platform like Vimeo.

Additional Offerings:

  • Save-the-date videos

  • Extended videos or clips

  • Drone footage

  • Extra hours of coverage

  • Travel arrangements

  • Music (Note: Certain songs may require purchasing copyrights, which could incur additional charges.)

Consider hiring a wedding videographer if you:

  • Are you writing your own vows? Video preserves the emotion in your voices and the words exchanged during this heartfelt moment, ensuring it remains fresh and poignant for years to come.

  • You Anticipate an Epic Dance Party: Planning a lively dance floor? A videographer ensures you never miss a beat. From favorite songs to memorable moves, they capture the energy and excitement of your dance-filled celebration. Relive the fun moments like the limbo with your aunt or the unforgettable chair-raising with friends.

  • You Treasure Heartfelt Speeches: Speeches from loved ones are priceless, filled with cherished memories and heartfelt sentiments. A videographer ensures these touching moments are forever captured, allowing you to relive the heartfelt words shared by your nearest and dearest.

  • You're Very Sentimental: Imagine celebrating decades of marriage and sharing your wedding day with future generations. A wedding video becomes a cherished family heirloom, capturing the essence of your love story for years to come.

  • You Have the Budget: While additional vendors mean added expenses, the value of preserving your wedding day memories is invaluable. If your budget allows, investing in both a photographer and videographer ensures you capture every aspect of your special day. Consider exploring options for reduced services or newer videographers to find a solution that fits your budget without compromising on quality. Remember, the memories captured on film will be cherished for a lifetime. For additional resources on planning your wedding photography and videography, Fairytale Dreams Photography is here to assist you with the following guides: Unlocking Wedding Photographer Costs: A Data-Driven Guide to Budgeting for Your Big Day. How early do I need to book a wedding photographer?


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