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A bride and groom stand in the windows of a log cabin looking out at their ceremony in the Adirondack Mountains in Piseco, NY - Adirondack Wedding Photographer


FAQs -Photography Process


What type of camera do you use & do you have backup equipment? I use a Canon 5D as well as two back up Canon 6D's. The equipment I use is as followed: 85 mm 1.8 & 50mm 1.8 for that shallow depth of field, 40mm 2.8mm pancake lens, 135mm soft focus, 28mm wide angle, a telephoto 70-200 mm 2.8 lens as a jack of all trades, & 100m macro, for any details. For lighting I use my trusty Canon 320ex flash with a soft box diffuser for those low light situations, as well as a 600ex flash with soft box diffuser.

What is included in a wedding package? All packages include, one photographer, hourly rate photography coverage, rehearsal walk- through, location scouting, creative service, directed bride/groom/bridal party formals, post production, SNEAK PEEK images within 72 hours, a print release, & archival of images via personal internet link for one year.

What are sneak peeks? Sneak peeks are a way of sharing your images with you faster than ever before. Your "first look" images will be posted via social media or may be emailed to you within 72 hours. You will have the right to download these images within days of your session, per your request.

POST PRODUCTION - Which images will be included in my package? I feel it is my duty to put out to my clients the best of the best of your images. Having been photographed myself, I know how long it can take and what a drawn out process it is to look through tons of photos to decide on which I will keep and print. I do not want to put that strain on my client, so I cull them down and clean them up before your viewing.

IMAGES - How many images will I get? The number of images depends on your shot list, style and details, cooperating guests/ bridal party, updated information before your wedding, timeline, locations, and your expectations for your end result in your full gallery. I would love to say it just takes just clicking a button to capture every photo you envision for your wedding day. But, honestly it takes work from all parties from booking to post wedding. Keeping me informed and updated prior to your wedding plays a huge roll in my visual process. I need to hear about your ideas, and see the style of your wedding... your apparel, your the colors, decorations, all of it. I want to know your relationship with not just your fiancé, but also your family and friends. I want to know who your VIP people are. Those little things are what I am looking for. I like to have a fully cooperative and timely group of people for the formals, so it isn't torture for all of us to get those group formals. I want to know exactly what you are going to do with your images. The more connected we are the more images you will have in the end.

EDITING: What is your editing process? - Although I do tend to have a certain editing style, depending on each lighting situation, one thing you will see in my photos is that I use Photoshop very minimally on any people, I do not care to create an image that does not look like the person I am photographing, unless discussed prior to your session. If you are interested in creating a composite image or you are interested in advanced editing services, it is available at a premium rate of $50 per image.

ARRIVAL OF PORTRAITS - How soon will I receive my photos? Depending on the collection you have purchased and the time of season, you will receive a few SNEAK PEEKS within 72 hours of your session. Thereafter you will receive the final images within 4 weeks, usually weeks sooner.

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