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A bride touches up her lip liner in a small compact beofre before walking down the aisle of her wedding - Wedding photography in Plattsburgh, NY
Wedding Timeline Tips

Planning a wedding timeline is crucial for ensuring that your big day runs smoothly from start to finish. By starting the planning process early, prioritizing key events, involving vendors, remaining flexible, and communicating clearly with all parties involved, you can create a timeline that reflects your vision and minimizes stress on the day. For added convenience, consider using this timeline below as a template to help structure your timeline. For instance, if your wedding ceremony is set to start at 3 PM, adjust the template accordingly to allocate time for pre-ceremony preparations, post-ceremony celebrations, and everything in between. With careful planning and organization, you can create a timeline that ensures your wedding day is a memorable and joyful occasion for everyone involved.

Hair & Makeup Arrives
Photographer / Videographer Arrives
Groom & Groomsmen Get Ready  -  Portraits
Bride puts on Dress - Bridal Portraits
First Look - Bride & Groom Photos
Bridal Party Photos
Family Photos
Travel to Ceremony Location
Guests Arrive for Ceremony
Wedding Ceremony
Travel to Reception

Cocktail Hour
Bride & Groom Grand Entrance
First Dance
Parent Dances
Cake Cutting
Sunset Photos
Everyone on Dance Floor
Final Dance
Bride & Groom Grand Exit

800 AM
1200 PM
1230 PM
100 PM
145 PM
245 PM
315 PM
415 PM
430 PM
500 PM
545 PM

600 PM
615 PM
625 PM
635 PM

700 PM
730 PM
800 PM
815 PM
830 PM
955 PM
1000 PM

Are you looking for something a little more tangible to refer back to?
Download this FREE Wedding Timeline PDF!


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