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FREE PDF Download -Weddig Photo Check List
A bride and groom embrce with a hug and a kiss on her showler in the field at Heavens Hill Trail in Lake Placid, NY - ADK wedding photography
A bride and groom embrce with a hug and a kiss on her showler in the field at Heavens Hill Trail in Lake Placid, NY - ADK wedding photography



As you gear up for your magical day, let's chat about the significance of a wedding photography checklist. Picture this: a curated collection of moments that matter most to you, capturing the essence of your unique love story. While I'm all about those candid, genuine photos that showcase your personalities, having a photo list ensures we don't miss a beat. Your eclectic style, non-traditional rituals, or love for handmade details deserve to be beautifully documented. Whether it's that special full moon ceremony or the joyous, laughter-filled moments with your beloved pets or loved ones, a photo list helps us weave these elements seamlessly into your wedding album. Let's make sure every detail that makes your day uniquely yours is captured with the same love and care you've put into planning it! Here are a few ideas to get you started.  Keep in mind, you will also want to put together an additional photo shot list with names and who they are for your group photos.


Photos of attire details.
Close-ups of unique jewelry and accessories.
Couples getting ready in their chosen venue.

First Look and Portraits:

Genuine first look moments.
Portraits showcasing unique styles.
Any Outfit changes.


Unique ritual shots.
Candid family and pet moments.


DIY and handmade decor details.
Intimate nature-inspired decor shots.
Guests enjoying live music and dancing.
Unique reception moments.

Adventure Photos:

Scenic shots capturing the setting.
Road trip or travel moments.

Natural Lifestyle Photos:

Candid shots embracing all the emotions.

Post-Wedding Sessions:

Additional shots in a relaxed post wedding setting.
Trash-the-dress or adventurous moments.
Special shots with your extended family and pets.
Anniversary Sessions.

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Wedding Photo Check List - FOR WEDDING COUPLES


Dive into your Wedding Photography Shot List Guide! It's a curated checklist of the absolute "Must Haves" for your big day. Now, as you scroll through and pick your favorites, think about this: are you envisioning those breathtaking shots turned into large-scale canvases, proudly displayed in your home? Perhaps you snagged "The Book Lover Package" and are planning to create a couple of stunning photo albums. Or maybe you're thinking of printing a bunch of 4x6's to share the joy with friends and family. Whatever your vision, this guide is your roadmap to capturing those moments that will live on in your heart and home. Let's make sure each shot reflects your unique style and love story!

Let's Get Started!

Getting Ready


Reveals and Pre-Ceremony Groups

Individual Photos
Pre-Ceremony Group Photos

Ceremony and Reception


Group Photos

Bridal Party

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